Who Am I ?

My greatest skill, and what I enjoy the most, is solving problems.

This sometimes involves solving problems for a specific piece of software or digital tool. It might be solving problems within a team. Usually it is solving problems and finding opportunities for companies as a whole.

My hands-on approach has resulted in growth and profitability for SMEs I’ve worked with, productivity gains for large multinational companies, and even whole new products and ventures for startups.

I have worked in the digital world since i was 18 and have worked on projects for local companies all the way up to some of the biggest companies in the world working accross multiple contents.

Whether you need some one to simply run your project or you need to hire a team of people to carry out the whole thing i am here to help.

About Us

I have a team of highly skilled individuals who are experts in there field. As a group we have helped all sorts of clients realise there goals.

Our Goals

Our goal is simple. To produce and work on the most exciting projects bringing something different to everyone and making sure things get done to the highest level.

Our Team

The team is made up of some of the best in industry, working on some huge projects, winning awards and spreading knowledge we help in anyway we can.

Our Values.

Our creative Ad agency is ranked among the finest in the US. We cultivate smart ideas for start-ups and seasoned players.

  • 1 Modern Design

    We always use the latest techniques to keep you up to date

  • 2 Full Customization

    Anything is possible so we dont ask you to hold back

  • 3 Creative

    We will always give you ideas to add a little spice

Our Team

Our Team.

Liam Summers
Mike Bush
Laura Gray
Jo Hanby
Founder, Sell My Wedding Dress

Liam has been helping me build my business with both digital strategies and online marketing.

He is full of helpful tips and ideas but also gives a clear working direction. It has been very beneficial to be able to ask questions and get an answer from someone who understands what I am trying to achieve – building a business as quickly as possible, without wasting time or money.

He tells you like it is, using examples of past experience and current research, so you are also keeping on top of trends.

Graham Johnson
Co-founder, Staff Checks

Liam has vision and understanding like no one else i have ever met, He was able to understand what we needed to achieve and explain how we do that in a way that just made sense.

By doing things in a really planned out way we have been able to not only grow but get others to sell our business for us. Our business now grows without us needing to go out and sell

Daniel Pidcock
Founder, Gleanly

I believed that I could manage the projects and our team myself. After all it is my vision, how hard could it be? In reality we got in a complete mess.

I'm so glad we hired Liam to project manage. With in a week he had got our processes in order and with in two weeks we were back on track.

I hate to think how much time and money we wasted before we had Liam.




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