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When I was looking of course started on the apple store, thats what I use now and made sense for me to go and get my self a new Macbook BUT, I was very disappointed. The new Macbook made no sense to me. It was missing USB? Why? Everything I have is USB I don't want to change the adapters that would cost more than my Mac. The magnetic charger is gone, Something I loved about my Mac. I could never break the adapter. Well thats gone.

This stupid scroll bar thing above the keyboard. Yeah ok it looks slick and is something to show off to your friends like my Hue lights that change colour. Its something I would use for 15 mins, show my mates and then only use at Christmas so my room was red or green to give that feel of Christmas.

They have had touch screens on their Ipads and Iphones for years so just make the screen a touchscreen. That makes sense to me. The scroll bar thing seems like something you would make in the early 00's because its the only option you had. Well its 2016 and its far from the only option I have. I can talk to my Amazon Echo and control my house I don't need a stupid scrolly thing on my Macbook.

There are so many things I don't like about the Macbook this time that I actually looked at the Lenovo thinkpads and Samsungs laptops. They are far superior in tech than the Macbook and I can now put Linux on to give me that mac experience if thats what I want. Windows 10, Dare I say it has come on so much over the last few years that for ease of use they're pretty close.

The reason for buying a Macbook seems to be getting less and less appealing as the evolution of the product continues and I'm seriously looking at moving, like I did with my phone, over to Samsung.

Will Mac become the next Nokia. Always the front runner but dies in the next 5 - 10 years to a product no one really cares about any more.

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