Project Management

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6 june 2020 - Ongoing


Project Management

01 Introduction

Gleanly is a online repository for your UX research. They had just raised money from investment and needed someone to look after the product and the development team to help them make sure they hit their targets.

02 Description

The first thing I did was to understand the processes they were currently using and how to improve the efficiency as well as creating documentation and reports that showed exactly where the projects currently were.

After working with the team we were able to create documentation and timelines of projects to firstly understand the velocity of each project and then break the projects down in to epics so that we could start to create some sprints.

Once we were in a position to move forward we looked at where we wanted to be in 12 months and the strategy we would need to take to get us there.

This allowed us to create a road map of functionality we needed to create and then start to plan out the projects.

We recreated all of the documentation and the processes we had to give the best understanding of where we were from a day to day point of view and the team is now able to move forward with a better structure and a better picture of how they will achieve their goals.

With the new board that has been created they are now able to have clear board meetings where they know exactly how they can progress the business.

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