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It became the norm for me that i was always tired, that falling asleep during the day was something that everyone did. I saw my grandad do it after he had dinner so why couldn't I. Over time it seemed like a normal life to be constantly tired and to always want to go to bed.

My fiance started to moan at me that at night I would snore very loudly and sometimes I would hold my breath. Again this is something I took as being normal and just let it go. Ignoring the problem meant it wasn't a problem at all.

I was falling asleep in meetings with clients and it was becoming an issue at work. People would comment about how I was sleeping at my desk. Something I didn't even realise I was doing. Even my staff were getting worried about me and some would find it embarrassing when clients were in.

But it all became a real issue when i fell asleep at the wheel and hit the curb which could have been a lot worse and when I eventually did do my self harm falling asleep in and then falling out of the shower.

I hurt my shoulder and decided that it was time to see a dr. They sent me to a sleep clinic and I was told I had sleep apnea, A condition where my throat muscles would collapse while I slept which is why it looked like I was holding my breath at night,

After some time understanding the condition it turned out I wake myself up 120 times an hour. On average that's every 30 seconds, An amazing amount and I was getting around 1 hours sleep a night and broken sleep at that.

It was very hard to concentrate and work but now i have it sorted and under control. My life has changed massively and now I am able to understand how to make sure I never fall asleep in a client meeting again.

I am now more productive and my thought process is a lot clearer, I am able to deliver a better service for my clients and the hours I now need to work are shorter and its alot easier for me to deliver the service that I want to give.

If you have something that stands in your way and you feel is just the norm, Get it checked. if someone is telling you it's not normal the chances are you might have something wrong and you should get it sorted. I did and it's been amazing

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