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Nov 2019


Development and Design

01 Introduction

Sell my wedding dress are a company that allow you to sell your wedding dress second hand. A directory of companies as well as individuals, you can sell anything that you used at your wedding including shoes and bridesmaids’ dresses.

02 Description

The site was running very slow when I was asked to help speed the site up and manage the database.

The database had 10 year’s worth of data with in it and the business model they had adopted was out of date. By migrating the data to a new schema and deleting old data we were then able to create a new backend and front end to the site that helped to not only speed up the site but also to improve the conversion rate of the people advertising on the site.

The site is not live yet as we wait for the wedding season but my work here is done and I’m really excited to see the new site live

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