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I'm not some one that gets involved in conversations on linkedin very often and I don't comment because I sometimes feel people are fishing for a reaction rather than looking for anything constructive but on Friday something really struck a cord.

Some one, I shall not name, put up a post about being told if they want to be successful they need to push harder and then they wrote a really nice post about how success to them was not the same as the person that told them this and how is it possible for them to impose growth as a way to measure success.

I 100% agree with this. Success is not quantifiable by profit or size. I once had a very good friend of mine nearly give up on their dream because a friend told them they were not successful because they did not earn £25k a month. £25k wow what a number. Most people would be happy to earn that a year. What moronic words to come out of some ones mouth.

Success is being successful in achieving what you set out to do? Isn't that the definition of success. How can success be determined for everyone in the same way. This really *Swear word*'s me off.

Please people do not let others tell you that you have been successful. Set a goal that you want to achieve and if you hit this then you and only you can tell you if you are successful.

Success is different for us all and success can be seen where others see failure. Goals are different for everyone and I promise you that money is not success. It is a measure of nothing. Some one who makes £1m one year may have failed because they made £10m the year before but, would be successful if success was measured by £25k a month.

They may be successful because they have downsized and with out knowing what the goal of that individual or company was, Who am i to decide. Please don't worry what others think or, treat others as not successful by the measures you use to quantify what you see as a win.

Lets stop judging others and maybe ask if they are successful rather than predetermining it by ourselves.

Rant over

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