Project Management and Consultancy

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Nov 2019


Project management and Consultancy

01 Introduction

TeachIT are a company based in bath who have a subscription service for teachers so they can sign up and download teaching and homework material for their students.

TeachIT were having issues with the internal and external teams and were not able to get work carried out correctly or in a timely fashion. I was asked if I could help to improve the communication as well as help to improve efficiency within the work.

02 Description

We ran internal meetings to find out where the issues were and what the process was. I found that the process was not only long winded but also didn’t give the dev team the information they needed.

We created a weekly meeting to go through every issue to find out what was important and what wasn’t and to start to only give the dev team a week’s worth of work at a time. I also asked that any new requests got a detailed specification.

The requests then started to drop as the things that were important started to become less so and we did not overload the development team.

Over 6 weeks we reduced the ever-growing backlog from 237 issues to 18. We were also able to start looking at the site functionality and turn our attention to Improvements rather than bugs and create new revenue streams and increase profit for the company.

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